You probably felt a smorgasbord of emotions the first time you held your baby. Love (naturally). Exhaustion. Awe.

But possibly first and foremost: FEAR. The terror of being responsible for protecting this helpless little wrinkly human.

It’s life-changing.

During the early stages of parenting (mainly the zero to three years) kids are so little that we think they can’t possibly learn grown-up things. Ironically, this is when we instinctually teach them the process of “growing up” as they begin walking, talking and exploring their worlds.

Then for some reason, after they’ve already shown us this intense desire for learning and independence, we start acting like we need to do everything for them.

The mission of Bringing Up Grown-ups is to help parents break this habit. It shines a light on the often-overlooked truth that the whole point of parenting is to prepare kids for their futures as grown-ups. Ideally, grown-ups who can make a difference in the world.

With that in mind, Bringing Up Grown-ups covers topics, events, outings, and opportunities in everyday life to teach, sometimes painfully slowly, kids to grow in confidence and independence. It’s a way to gently nudge our children out of the nest…so that one day they can SOAR.